Blogger Interview #12: Leighanne Sheila

Tissues at the ready, it's time for my last blogger interview in this series. I have loved connecting with all of you, and reading your answers has been so interesting. Thank you to everyone who has taken part! This certainly won't be the only series like this, as I love discovering new blogs. Gushing blogger … Continue reading Blogger Interview #12: Leighanne Sheila

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello everyone! A huge thank you to Journal of the Lost One for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I did this award on my old blog, but this is the first nomination for Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle. The Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog post and link back to the … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

Top 5 Things to Do in Devon

Stressful morning! Woke up to news of a water shortage. It turns out that there‚Äôs a burst water pipe in a field near me and most villages in my area are sans water. It really makes me realise how much I take even the simplest things, like having water when you need it, for granted. … Continue reading Top 5 Things to Do in Devon

Blogger Interview #11: Captain Optimist

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend is going well. Today's interview (and the penultimate in the series) is with Becky from Captain Optimist. Originally, Becky chose to do the profile option, like my interview with Honestly Lau, but her response was so brilliant, that we are going to hear from Becky herself and let her tells … Continue reading Blogger Interview #11: Captain Optimist

Blogger Interview #10: Myyeka

Hey everyone! Ready to discover some more wonderful blogs? We're on interview 10 out of 12 so far in this series, and whilst it's sad to think that there are not many left right now, I'm definitely planning another series like this for the future. It strikes me how blogging enables you to connect with … Continue reading Blogger Interview #10: Myyeka

Blogger Interview #9: A Winter Escape

2nd interview of the weekend is here! It was an absolute pleasure interviewing Amelia from A Winter Escape. Let's see what amazing things she has to say! 1) It must be hard to pick as a travel blogger, but do you have a favourite place you've visited so far? I have a few, but they're … Continue reading Blogger Interview #9: A Winter Escape

Blogger Interview #8: Claudia’s Cafe

Hey everyone! It's time to do some blog networking. To start this weekend off, here's Claudia from Claudia's Cafe! Thank you Claudia for the photos! 1) If you could describe your blog in one word, what would that be? Eclectic. I hope I can say it's truly eclectic soon - I have so many thoughts … Continue reading Blogger Interview #8: Claudia’s Cafe

Blogger Interview #7: Cornish Maid

Back for the second interview in this weekend's blog networking session. I won't lie, I'm a tad jealous of Laura from Cornish Maid getting live in Cornwall and have so many wonderful adventures in this beautiful corner of the UK. It's time to see what Laura has to say about this magnificent place and her … Continue reading Blogger Interview #7: Cornish Maid